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M3 Surveys

Fully insured and registered Consulting Cadastral Surveyor with the Surveyors Board of Queensland.

Over 20 years of experience in the Brisbane region and is dedicated to helping client’s with their project.


  • Boundary Identification Surveys
  • Building Height Certification
  • Building Set Outs
  • Contour & Detail Surveys
  • Community Titling
  • Easements & Covenants
  • Leases & Licenses
  • Location Certificate
  • Subdivision Surveys & Proposal Plans

Boundary Identification Surveys

If you want to know where to construct a new fence or retaining wall, or carry out building renovations, then an Identification Survey is what you require! M3 Surveys can customise the survey to suit your needs. Whether you need only one boundary marked or all of your boundaries identified, contact M3 Surveys to discuss your specific requirements.

Building Height Certification

If your building work requires certification in regards to its height above natural ground level then contact M3 Surveys to discuss your project. We can also check that your proposed work will be able to achieve necessary building certification before you start construction. We have many years of experience in this field, including developments on small lots or standard allotments within the Brisbane City area.

Building Set Outs

M3 Surveys has experience in providing builders with set outs for simple structures such as house extensions, carports & new dwellings. We also have experience in providing set outs for large commercial buildings such as shopping centres & industrial buildings. Contact M3 Surveys to discuss your project to ensure you are able to achieve necessary building certification before you start construction.

Contour & Detail Surveys

This type of survey is typically required by an architect or engineer so that further designs can be carried out. Architects normally require this survey when designing new buildings or extensions. Engineers also require this survey to help design new structures, such as retaining walls, industrial buildings, drainage systems or sewer pipes. Contour & Detail Surveys involve locating the position and height of features on site, including position of underground services if required, and the shape of the land. M3 Surveys can provide surveys to meet your project requirements and has many years of experience working with numerous architects and engineers.

Community Titling (Units & Townhouse Developments)

M3 Surveys can provide titling advice, prepare preliminary contract plans and final survey plans for your development. Contact M3 Surveys to discuss the titling of your development.

Easements & Covenants

M3 Surveys can provide surveys for an Easement or Covenant. Easement surveys typically include access easements where one party provides a legal right of access over their land to another allotment. Other easements can be provided for encroaching structures, ‘light and air’ easements, and utility service easements. Environmental Covenants have become more common of recent times and your development approval may condition that a Covenant or Easement be surveyed as part of your subdivision. Contact M3 Surveys to discuss your specific requirements.

Leases & Licenses

M3 Surveys can survey and measure commercial tenancies in accordance with the Property Council of Australia's (PCA) guidelines. M3 Surveys are experienced in preparing lease or licence plans for all types of tenancies including shopping centres, retail or office buildings, industrial buildings as well as leases of land. Contact M3 Surveys to discuss your lease requirements.

Location Certificate (Conveyancing Report)

If you have entered a contract on a property and wish to ensure that the house is situated on the correct allotment and that existing fences or walls are on the right alignment then a Location Certificate may be what you require. M3 Surveys can locate features on site in relation to property boundaries and provide a report before your contract is unconditional. This allows your solicitor to negotiate with the selling party before any of their problems become your problems.

Subdivision Surveys & Proposal Plans

M3 Surveys can provide Subdivision Proposal Plans that accompany your council Development Application for your proposed subdivision. These plans typically show the boundaries of the existing and proposed allotments, site contours, and the outline of existing structures. They may require surveys carried out on site or possibly be prepared utilising available data sources as an office exercise only. Contact M3 Surveys to discuss your project requirements.

Once you have attained a Development Approval you need to achieve compliance with the council DA Conditions and require a survey plan showing the new allotments. M3 Surveys can survey the new allotments and prepare the final survey plan in accordance with your Development Approval. Contact M3 Surveys to discuss your project requirements.

M3 Surveys

Fig Tree Pocket, Qld, 4069

Mob 0402 825 835

Em info@m3surveys.com.au